I’m Dr. Mudgil, a New York City-based pimple-popping, podcasting, positivity-peddling dermatologist!

A few years ago, when I became very active on Instagram, launched my YouTube channel, and started my podcast, some folks (understandably) may have thought I had a few screws come loose. After all, why would a successful dermatologist be posting content related to mindset and motivation, rather than about Botox, butt augmentation, and lip filler?!?

Allow me to take you back …

It was the summer of 2017. I had just turned 42. 

To any objective outsider, I had it all.

I was at the top of my game professionally. I built two successful offices from scratch (one on Fifth Avenue in NYC and one on Long Island). I achieved financial success that far exceeded anything I ever imagined. I lived in a fancy house in a ritzy Long Island suburb with a fleet of fancy European cars in my garage and played golf 4-5 times a week. I had a gorgeous wife and three beautiful kids. 

Wasn’t that what it was all about? I had arrived! 

Game, set, match!

The problem was, it didn’t feel great. Despite all the success and bling, I felt lost and empty. It was confusing. After all, wasn’t I living the exact life I’d been working so hard to achieve?
The soul-searching began and I had my “aha-moment” . . .

You see, I come from a humble background. My entire life, I had to grind for anything I wanted; this simple fact turned out to be a blessing and when distilled, my fundamental truth!

Anything I achieved was through tremendous hustle and grind; there were no handouts,  no silver spoon etc. I hustled damn hard for everything I achieved. For me, and I believe for all of us, the journey itself is where fulfillment actually exists. That’s the part I loved. That’s what made me feel alive, productive, and what made me excellent. Owning a Bentley isn’t the fun part – that pleasure is fleeting, trust me, I’ve been there. Earning a Bentley on your merit is where the magic is. Living on a plateau wasn’t for me, and shouldn’t be acceptable for anyone. Living on a plateau is settling for average, and average sucks.

We can always do better, get better, and be better.

A new ambition of mine was born, namely, spreading a message of positivity and self-empowerment to encourage folks to maximize personal potential and foster an unrelenting mindset in the pursuit of excellence.

There is nothing special about me. Nothing. 

Relentless effort and an unwillingness to fail is my secret. 

The simple fact is, if I could achieve what I did, anyone can, as long as they’re willing to grind day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. That’s how I crushed my goals and how anyone can!
My mission is to help you unlock your mind and unlock your potential, enabling you to realize the excellence that lives within you, that lives within all of us.

Let’s get it!